My Journal - Week 140 (01May12) OUR NEW WEBSITE NAME


Yippee!  It's only taken me two and a half years to change it, but "Welcome To Our House" now has it's official new "WWW" domain name.  No more umbilical cord attachment for us.  Now forever more known as - "".
One would think, with all my web designing expertise and graphic designing and skills I would have done this long ago.  I've built many many sites in the past three years, including the sister site to "Welcome To Our House" my Ds resource website "Welcome To Our House-Ds" so it stands to reason that they should share the same name, with the only difference being the ending.  To date, I've designed seven business websites.

My list of personally created & designed websites are as follows:
And then sites I've taken over redesigning and maintaining like the Durham Down syndrome Association - which in fact, I will be re-creating a brand new fresh site for.
As well as creating joint websites with already existing programs with my own unique domain name like my Photography Gallery for Random Moments Photography -

Anyway, despite all the information and websites above, I just wanted everyone to know my website name has changed.  AND, it really wont matter for those who have bookmarked this site - you will still arrive here no matter what way you type in or click to find us.  The old way and new way will work exactly the same.

Cheers everyone!


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