My Journal - Week 124 (02Jan12)


I don't have great excuses for not posting during these festive weeks, except that Hayleigh was in the hospital from having had Pneumonia, Hunter had the stomach flu (which has turned into the chest congestion flu), our Holland Lop bunny "Squeaky" had an advanced progressive brain disease called Pastorella (which required that we put her down),  my wedding band snapped at the base where it was originally cut for sizing.... and then the usual obvious - hectic crazy last minute shopping, wrapping and delivering of gifts, traditional Christmas Dinner with Family at my Cousins home.  Welcome to my "crazy" life.  Did I mention my daughter still believes night is day and day is... well day?

Many more "crazy" things have happened, which for the record made me conclude that "Murphy" (as in Murphy's Law) should be removed from my "friends list"....  BUT, where there has been discord, there also has been insurmountable joy, watching my two little babies enjoy Christmas.  This year Hunter "understood" what was happening and it was wonderful for me to see him finding that joy in opening gifts and seeing his eyes go wide with excitement with the realization that he now has "new" toys to play with!  It was also amazing to note that Hayleigh's first Christmas was filled with love and closeness of Family and Friends.  I'd like to take a second to thank everyone for the lovely gifts that my children received.  Each one was obviously thought out well and with my kids personalities in mind.

On a more personal note, I have renewed my passion for taking "professional type" hobbyist photographs - Believe it or not, besides being the "Mommarazzi" that I am, I love to photograph more than just my family.  Did I mention I discovered that the term "Mommarazzi" which I thought I coined last year with my girlfriend Penny, already exists in "Print"?!  Someone wrote a book in 2009 and published it.  It currently sits on the shelf in the photography section in Chapters.  I did NOT purchase it.

I decided that I would only post my more "professional type" images in my websites: Random Moments Photography (Blog & SmugMug) and keep my more intimate Family photos in here - Welcome To Our House.  So with that in mind, here are some more recent photos of the kids and Christmas.

They look alike....


Last minute shopping....

I'm getting fixed up for Christmas

Daddy and I are getting hair cuts!

Thought a brush might work.

Check us out!  The final products!

Mommy let us open our stockings before Christmas dinner!

It's awesome!  Thomas Train!

Thomas note book and crayons!

I need a little help opening this!

Hayleigh opened her stocking....

Santa brought her some goodies!

I think she likes the string though....

She's concentrating very hard on her stocking.

I like the pretty purple ribbon.

I'll give my Thomas Train a big Kiss!
Dinner time!  Yum, Christmas Turkey!

Uncle Andrew is showing Hayleigh the Christmas Tree!

Christmas Crackers are for pulling, not eating Hayleigh!!

Check me out!  I am getting down to "Party Rock Anthem", my new fav song!
Hayleigh saying Goodnight to Great Aunt Daphane
Finally home.  A quick story from Daddy's new book before opening gifts.

Some of our many wonderful gifts!
I apologize for the literal and actual bombardment of so many photographs.  I know many of you have been waiting to see them.  I hope this put a smile on your faces, it certainly did mine - except that I created this post at 5:17 am.  Such is my life!!  And so now - I bid you a temporary farewell and to all, a good night!


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