My Journal - Week 107 (14Sep11)

DDSA SUMMER EVENT - WindReach Farms 28Aug11

Again, I know it's been a while, but being a Mommy, Police Officer, Business Owner, DDSA Executive Director and at the very least - just being me, is exhausting!

Back on the 28th of August the we (the Durham Down syndrome Association) held our Annual Summer Picnic at WindReach Farms.  I got the idea to have it at the Farms through my mother who herself is an Executive member (Treasurer) with the Kiwanis Club of Riverdale.  They have held a few of their meetings at the WindReach Farm.  While my mothers group was there, she noted how great of a facility Windreach was (being that they cater specifically to people of all abilities) and suggested it to me for the DDSA.

I decided to suggest it to the entire executive and it was decided we would hold our picnic there.  Here are a few wonderful moments of us, at Windreach.

What the heck are you??  Mommy says you are a chicken....

But, I thought chicken was something I ate?  I don't think I'd eat you....

Vaun is here too!  My best buddies are here!

It's a real "sheep"!  Baa baa white sheep!!

I'm not too sure about this Daddy... But they are woolly soft!

See, now this is what I thought chicken was...  I'm so confused!

Me and my Daddy... riding the hay wagon!

Mommy and I are riding the Hay Wagon now!

Lexi is giving me a hug and kiss again!

And I FINALLY get hugs and kisses from my buddy Haedyn!  I love my friends!

Tonight we are having our Quarterly Meet & Greet with the DDSA.  I have invited a Doctor from the University of Ontario Institue of Technology (UOIT).  She (Dr. Lloyd) will be discussing and speaking about Children with Down syndrome and their physical muscle functionality.  Hopefully we have a good turnout at the meeting....


  1. That was a great day. I had so much fun with the family.


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