My Journal - Week 14 (26Nov09)

This week Hunter has been very hungry, and he has been very gassy - I think. He has been crying for short little spells sometimes after he eats. I think that it may be related to my eating Dairy Queen chocolate extreme... (everyday).  Yes well, that is my excuse for trying to get my but back... everyone has been telling me it has dissapeared.  So logic dictates that I eat some fatening foods - they say it goes to the but first....

Hunter was weighed yesterday, and he was 11.6 lbs and still 24 inches long.

Last week we finally got Hunter to laugh on our "request" by tickling him. In fact, yesterday I got his first tickle induced photo.

Last night we tried using HydraSense for the first time, to see if that helps with his mucousy nasal congestion. So far, no noticeable difference.

This week Hunter is smiling at me, with intent. He smiles when I talk to him, or rub his face, chest or tummy. It's heart warming.

Hunter is slowly holding up his head for short periods of time, but it still not doing it well on his own. The Early Inervention Consultant (Jen) gave me some suggestions on how to help him develop his neck muscles. (Lots of tummy time, and on my chest time)


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